Amber Topaz shines as title role Maggie/Miss Nightingale in ‘Miss Nightingale – The Burlesque Musical’ (West End & UK Tour 2013)

“Amber Topaz does a sterling job as Maggie, channelling Gracie Fields to create a believable star turn of the period.”

The Stage

“Amber Topaz, as Miss Nightingale,Gutsy, funny and sexy, she morphs from one burlesque character to the next, always maintaining her excellent comic timing. Topaz has a beautiful voice.”

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“The night quiet firmly belongs to Amber Topaz who’s ‘Maggie/Miss Nightingale’ is a knockout and her performance is simply divine. Every one of her numbers takes on a life of its own and with class and subtlety she proves to be one of the best triple threat performers you’re likely to see.”

The New Current

“The title role, played by Amber Topaz, allowed her to display an enormous talent, segueing from the poignant ballads as Maggie into her double entendre, bump and grind cabaret numbers. In these, she created wicked pastiches of Dietrich, Gracie Fields and Coward.”

The Argus

“Amber Topaz lights up the stage as Maggie/Miss Nightingale putting in a brilliant performance throughout the production. Her antics on stage as Miss Nightingale were pure magic and at times very funny. Whist away from the stage, as Maggie, she showed a real vulnerability in what was a truly believable performance.”

Ipswich 24

“Amber – cross between Gracie Fields, Ginger Rogers & Bette Davis in a knock out performance. Sexy & powerful ball of glamour & cheekiness.”

Rotherham Advertiser

“The full breadth of the term ‘burlesque’ is employed with Amber Topaz bringing showmanship, great comedic timing and strong vocals to her performances. In her able hands, the development of Maggie Brown from shy Northern lass to confident modern woman is believable and heart-warming.”

Huffington Post

“Amber topaz is Fabulous. Spectacular & powerful voice.”

Eva Lamor, The Burlesque Map

“The star of the show is undeniably the divine Miss Amber Topaz.”

The Public Reviews

“Amber Topaz Shone Brightly. Electrifying Striptease.”

Sheffield Star

“Amber Topaz bumps and grinds every speck of raunchiness out of her character, Miss Nightingale.”

What on Stage

“The cast made this production an unforgettable performance, especially Amber Topaz whose portrayal of Maggie Brown/Miss Nightingale was incredibly humorous and compelling as she instantly drew the audience‚Äôs attention whenever she was performing upon the stage.”

Exposed Magazine

“Amber Topaz is a tiny but powerful ball of cheekiness with a talent to amuse, titillate and dazzle.”

The Gay UK

“Flame-haired Amber Topaz is sizzling in the title role.”

Maindenhead Advertiser

Amber Topaz stars as title role Maggie/Miss Nightingale in ‘Miss Nightingale’ The Musical (The Lowry & Kings Head Theatre 2011)

“Amber Topaz, all pale flesh, flame-red hair and lurid lipstick, plays the heroine in this romantic triangle with great panache, proving both sexy and touching. She also sings with wit and passion.”

Charles Spencer, The Telegraph

“Attractively nuanced performances from the striking, sincere Amber Topaz.”

The Stage

“Amber Topaz as the eponymous heroine has a sprightly comic presence.”

Michael Billington, The Guardian

“Amber Topaz is bubbly & charming as Maggie.”

What’s On Stage

“As the feisty Maggie she is by far the best performer on stage, a pleasure to watch.”

Helen Nugent, British Theatre Guide

“As Maggie, Amber Topaz easily shines out in numbers like show opener Let Me Play On Your Pipe, This Can’t Be Love and Mr Follow Spot. The flame-haired Ms Topaz is also a feisty actress.”

David Upton, Manchester Theatre Awards

“Topaz – small stature, huge grin – is mesmerising as Miss Nightingale.”

The JC

Pre her Burlesque career Amber starred opposite the late, great, Golden Globe Winning, Oscar Nominee,Screen Legend ‘Ron Moody’ in musical adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s ‘Canterville Ghost’